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First, Check out this movie trailer

Pretty scary stuff, right?

We are aware that small, local farms are all but non-existent today; but do we really understand why?

Large factory farms are the current “norm” in this country; mass-producing our meats, grains, and vegetables. It may cost less for us, the consumer (though, not by much…or not at all); but what is the real cost? Our health? Our integrity? Our future? Our children’s future?

We all deserve to have *better* food available to us. Food that isn’t full of growth hormones. Food that isn’t covered in chemicals. Food that will make us feel better; not worse. Food that is safe to eat!

Think before you eat; Think before you buy.

Buy Local (when you can).

Don’t know where to find locally grown produce and meat? Want to join a CSA? Click Here!

**Check out the movie: Food, Inc (it’s also available for instant watch on Netflix)**

Remember: Ignorance may be bliss, but Knowledge is power!

**Here are my closing thoughts:

1)I think it’s pretty absurd that Raw Milk (unpasteurized) is straight up illegal in some states; but then again I also think it’s absurd that homebirth is straight up illegal in some states. I, personally, don’t really have any desire to drink raw milk; but that’s because I don’t like drinking milk of any kind. Milk weirds me out. Except breastmilk, that doesn’t weird me out (it only weirds me out after I’ve pumped a bottle and the foremilk and hindmilk have separated…until you shake it. Once again, milk is weird). Sure, there  *may be* an inherent risk with consuming raw anything BUT I think it’s riskier to consume chemical-laced food products that are chock full of hormones; but that’s just me. I also think it’s absurd that Raw Milk (aka Real Milk) is illegal BUT it’s 100% ok to put High Fructose Corn Syrup and Red Dye 40 in just about everything. The long term health effects of consuming HFCS, Red40, and other garbage like that is WAY worse then the *risk* of Raw Milk. Sure, it *might* have E. Coli (which is a very real, and very scary thing) in it; but so might that Mickie D’s beef patty (at least Raw Milk doesn’t have ground up hooves in it…I’m just sayin’). In fact, if you’re consuming Raw Milk you more than likely know which farm your milk came from; heck, you might even know the cow! I bet you can’t say the same for the pasteurized milk (or cheese, butter, meat, etc) that’s in your fridge at the moment. I say, let them have their Raw Milk!

2) Another Milk Rant: Seriously?! Raw milk is illegal? I just can’t get over that. Milk is one of the most non-threatening things ever. That’s like saying that saltines are dangerous; or vanilla ice cream. Firearms are legal…but milk isn’t? Cigarettes are legal, but milk isn’t? Heck, in some places it is NOT illegal to own a monkey (which we all know can LITERALLY rip your face, arms and testicles off) BUT raw milk isn’t legal. Those hippies man, they’re a dangerous bunch. With their communal living, Birkenstock sandals, painted buses and RAW MILK….terrifying.

3)How much did you love that one farmer? The one who talked about how beautiful a small, local farm is. With all the chickens in the background. Man, That guy rocked. He’s in Food Inc too…you should watch Food, Inc.


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