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With my husband away for the week, I am reminded of how easy it is to prepare meals for one person. I feel like I’m a single gal in college again! (with much more financial stability…and a baby)

I picked up our CSA bounty last night and was super excited to see a bunch of tomatoes in the bin (along with peppers and squash!..but that’s a different meal). Plus, there was a bag of fresh basil! You know what that means: Caprese Salad!

I think I could eat caprese salad every night of the week during the summer. It’s so clean and bright in flavors.Maybe it’s just me, but I think it helps cool you down when you’re a hot sweaty mess; like I’ve been for 4 weeks straight!

Wanna know what else I love about this salad: it takes 2 minutes to throw together. Literally, 2 minutes.

Slice your tomatoes, slice your fresh mozzarella, strategically place your basil leaves…drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar…a few grinds of salt and pepper…DONE!

I used 3 medium sized tomatoes because I wanted to make a whole meal out of this salad. If you wanted to eat this as a starter to a meal, then 1 tomato would be plenty.

I also used a Balsamic Reduction ala The Pioneer Woman; but you could easily just drizzle balsamic vinegar straight outta the bottle…I know I’m not above doing that. I already had the reduction in the fridge (leftover from Sunday)…so I used it. The End.

**To keep with the casualness (and laziness) of this week’s posts I am going to use only photos that I’ve taken with my new iPhone. Half because I want to test out different camera settings/apps and half because I’m too lazy to bust out the Nikon…yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah**


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