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I’d like to think I’m cool. There are many reasons why. One reason: I’m part of a CSA (for a complete list of reasons why I’m cool…just send me an email. There are 67).

CSA’s (or Community Sustained Agriculture) are these awesome buy-in programs that few people know about. Heck, I had never heard of one until about 2 years ago.

What you do is this: find a local farm (that is a participating CSA), pay anywhere from $200-$600 at the beginning of the growing season (Feb-April) to buy a “share” of what they produce, then receive 20 some-odd weeks’ worth of farm fresh produce (this ends up only costing you about $10-$30 a week in produce…which is a SWEET bargain). We bought a half-share from our local CSA and barely finish all our produce in a weeks time.

They’re fantastic. Everyone should join one. Want to know if there are CSA’s near you? Click Here!

I absolutely love being a part of a CSA. Every week we pick up a small bin FULL of farm fresh produce. It’s pretty much the greatest thing ever!

What you’ll need:

-Broccoli, Turnips, Snap Peas, Carrots, Bok Choy, Kholrabi, Radishes, Zucchini, Summer Squash or whatever produce you find in your CSA bin (Usually I use 3 different types of veggies)

– approx. 1/2 c Udon Noodles*; uncooked

-3 cloves of garlic; chopped

-1 uncooked chicken breast: chopped up

-1 tbs corn starch

-1/2 c warm water

-1 tsp ground ginger

-1 tsp black pepper

-1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes

-1 tsp ground garlic powder; plus additional teaspoon to use in stir fry sauce

-1/4 tsp salt

-3 tbs soy sauce

-1 tbs teriyaki; plus additional tablespoon to use when frying

-1 tbs honey

-2 tsp wok oil; plus additional wok oil for frying

-1/4 tsp better than bouillon: of the low sodium chicken variety

First things first, do you own a wok? If not, go buy on. They are an absolute essential in any kitchen; plus, they really aren’t that pricey. You can definitely find a great one for around $20. Ok…go buy one.

In a medium bowl: combine the cornstarch, water, ginger, salt, garlic powder, pepper flakes, teriyaki and chicken. Set aside and let “mingle” for about 10-15 minutes. Use this time to wash and chop up your CSA produce. (I like to chop up everything to relatively uniform pieces; they cook faster this way)

Now, put about 1 tablespoon wok oil (oil infused with garlic and ginger) into your *cool* wok with the chopped up garlic; turn the burner to high heat. While the wok is heating up, add water to a medium sauce pan and turn to medium-high heat. Also, mix your sauce ingredients together in a small bowl (soy sauce, honey, better than bouillon, garlic powder, teriyaki, oil and a few grinds of black pepper). Set aside.

Once the oil is heated (and your garlic is popping), add the chicken (but not the left over cornstarch liquid).

Using a large wooden spoon (or wooden spatula) frequently stir the chicken as it fries in the oil (Stir Fry…get it?!). Cook until the chicken is browned; about 5-7 minutes.

Add your chopped up veggies. Add another drizzle of oil and a dash of teriyaki. Continue to stir everything frequently; cook for an additional 3-5 minutes.

While the veggies and chicken continue to “fry” together; add your Udon noodles to your (hopefully no boiling) water. Cook the noodles for 5 minutes.

(Turn your heat down to low) Once the noodles are done, drain and add to the wok. Add your sauce to the wok now too. Stir everything together. Let sit for 1-2 minutes. This helps the noodles and sauce to heat up.

Spoon into 2 large bowls. Add Chopsticks. Enjoy.

(Serves 2)

*Don’t have Udon noodles? You can also use whole wheat thin spaghetti or penne!


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This tasty dish has turned into a weekly staple in our house.

It is beyond easily to make; cooks up in about 30 minutes.

It’s like an Italian stir fry; and I love me some stir fry.

This recipe is adapted from Whole Foods’ “Pasta with Asparagus, Prosciutto and Pecorino Romano“:

(Whole Foods’ website has quickly become my “go-to” for great recipes. I could *literally* spend hours  browsing through page, after page, of mouth-watering culinary delights)

What you’ll need:

-1 uncooked chicken breast; chopped and seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder

-1 tbs Olive Oil

-1 c uncooked whole wheat penne pasta

-4 slices of prosciutto; roughly chopped

-2 c chopped fresh (or frozen) asparagus

-1-2c cherry tomatoes; halved

-2-3 cloves of garlic; minced

-half of a red onion; finely chopped

-1 bag of baby spinach (about 3 cups)

-1/2c grated Parmesan, Pecorino, or Romano (I use Parmesan because I always have it on hand)

-1-2 tsp crushed red pepper flakes (optional)

-In a medium saucepan, bring 2 cups of salted water to a boil.

-While waiting for the water to boil, heat the oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Once oil is hot, add the onion and prosciutto; saute until the onion softens. Add the chicken and garlic to the skillet. Cook for about 5-7 minutes; until the chicken begins to brown (stirring occasionally; so nothing sticks to the pan).

-Once the chicken starts to brown, add the asparagus to the skillet. Stir everything until well combined. (I always add a few grinds of salt and pepper once I add the asparagus). If you’re going to add the red pepper flakes do so now. Cover and cook for about 5 minutes.

-At this time your water will start boiling. Add the whole wheat penne and cook for about 5 minutes. You want your pasta to be al dente (slightly undercooked). Drain.

-Add cooked pasta to skillet. Stir to combine ingredients. Now add the halved cherry tomatoes. Stir again. Turn down heat to low and cover for 3 minutes (until the tomatoes just barely begin to break down).

-Add the bag of baby spinach to the top of the “stir fry” mixture. Do your best to contain any spillage of leaves. Cover and cook until the spinach begins to wilt (about 3 minutes); stirring frequently as to combine the hot, cooked ingredients with the fresh spinach (it helps speed up the wilting process). Remove from heat.

-Add the parmesan (or what ever hard Italian cheese you’ve decided to go with) to the stir fry and stir to combine.

Serve warm. Enjoy.

Makes 2 (big) servings.

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