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Hello Everyone!!

Please excuse my lack of posts over the past week! My mind has been one jumbled mess! My family and I are currently camping in Northern WI. Actually, I am currently sitting in the Home Depot parking lot while JBird naps; while the hubster buys an extension cord! Then it’s off to Wally World we go…since SOMEONE forgot to pack pillows (and by someone, I mean ME..haha oops!)

I will return next week refreshed and energized to write lots of new and exciting posts!

But until then I will leave you with some fun facts that I learned last night at my Holistic Mom’s Network meeting:

-Adult males in the US eat 500 times more protein then they need to (and women eat 200 times more than is recommended); and the majority of this excess protein comes from processed food. So, next time you feel like you’re low on protein eat some legumes…not a triple decker bacon cheeseburger.

-Do you often wake up fatigued? That’s a sign that your liver is congested! Try cutting out processed foods (bread, pasta, sugar, soda, etc) and eat some leafy greens (LOTS of leafy greens)

-Fresh mint leaves are a great way to boost energy! Throw some in ice tea, ice water or just chew a few leaves!

-Do you often feel over stressed about everything? Feeling anemic? Do you crave salt? Chances are your adrenal glands are out of whack.

Also, when you let yourself get too run down and don’t take care of yourself (not eating right, not getting enough sleep, etc) you run the risk of messing up your adrenal glands..which can lead to chronic fatigue and even psychological disorders (like depression).

-Are you constantly constipated? Do you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Were you breastfed as an infant? Not being breastfed as a baby can lead to digestive issues as an adult. Breastmilk helps create and stabilize essential bacterias in our guts. In fact, an infant’s gut isn’t fully formed until they are about 6 months old (so they should be breastfed for at least 6 months; and not be fed solids until then either).

-Did you know that food poisoning is a sign that the bacteria in your gut are “off” (if everything was “normal” they would’ve been able to fight off whatever nasties entered your system..preventing you from getting sick in the first place).

Last night’s meeting was so inspiring! I’m hoping to schedule a consultation with our guest speaker Dr. Katy Wallace to get her input on my own health and digestive issues (and maybe score an interview for the blog while I’m at it!).

Enjoy your weekends! I will be “roughing” it until Sunday! Stay tuned for a Camp Cooking Post!


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